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A Family Legacy

 In 1921, the noble DESVIGNES’ family, attached to her land, cultivated wheat for bread, trees for fruits and especially vines for wines… Still, throughout the last century, the DESVIGNES’ family had been facing a harsh reality: the amateurs’ tastes were changing. They all wanted a special and different wine.

That is when Françoise FAUCON-DESVIGNES, one of the family's granddaughter, came up with a solution. Truth is, Daniel BOUCHACOURT, the man she has a relationship with, differs from other winemakers, thanks to his “savoir-faire” and his love for well down work.

The DESVIGNES's father then made a big decision: he trusted the couple and gave them his lands and tools, but with the sole condition that only a rare and exceptional wine is produced on the Domain.

Thanks to his family “savoir-faire”, Daniel, who became Françoise’s husband, completed the challenge and won the consideration of everybody. His already solid reputation became stronger, and proved that possession does not mean control.

Nowadays, he knows climate, hot and cold ; he also knows the hard work involved when you are committed body and soul to a capricious and generous land. He can extract the nectar, year after year, thanks to his imagination and his “savoir-faire”. A nectar that reveals that the alliance between man and nature has something infinitely intimate just like love stories.

Thus, the prestigious Chénas, which reveals fruits aromas, was born from the encounter of land and a family. Trusting these values and traditions, it  took off and acquired broad recognition.






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