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Salon Goût et Saveurs - Vérézénades




We would like to thanks the "Goût et Saveurs" Association of Vezin-le-Coquet, for their warm welcom, Saturday the 20th of June, during Vérézénades.

We also thanks all visitors who came and show interest for our Chénas wines and our work.

A warm and festive atmosphere. It was a pleasure to participate to this show.  

See you soon in Bretagne !

Gourmand Walk 2009



Sunday the 31st of May 2009, lots of you came for a walk on the domain, where you could savoured some speciality and products from our soil.  

Programm of the day, 5 gourmand steps through the vineyards :  

Step 1 - Aperitif : To start, degustation of our Chardonnay 2008, with a cake with olives and bacon. 

Step 2 - Entry : Way to Gandelin’s soil, with degustation of a salad from the region, with a Chénas Les Gandelins 2008.

Step 3 - Dish : You ate a great sausage with Chenas and steam potatoes on Les Petites Pierres’s soil, which of course, has been served with a glass of Chénas Les Petites Pierres 2007.

Step 4 - Cheese : digestive walk through Les Petites Pierres’s soil. Then, you arrived on our last but not least soil : Domaine Desvignes, where you have degusted great goat cheeses, with a Chénas Domaine Desvignes 2007.

Step 5 - Dessert : Back to the Domain for the dessert, where you loved the lightness and fine bubbles of our Pink Bubbly Wine, served with an apple pie, with chocolate and vanilla ice cream.  

Tasting Evening in Toulouse



Saturday the 16th of May, we realised for the second time, a testing evening for our deposit places of wines.

This evening was made in Longages, a charming village near Toulouse, where Dominique and Françoise BRETON welcome us warmly.

So, under this wonderful sun, it was just natural to start the tasting with a little glass of our White Wine Chardonnay 2008, which has very citrus flavours.

Then, we continued our festive wines with our Gamay Rosé 2008, which is also fresh and fruity.

After that, we make discovering our Chénas wines, starting with our Chénas Les Gandelins 2007, a very fruity wine, with pronounced aromas of red fruits.

Next, we proposed our other Chénas wines : Domaine Desvignes 2007 et Les Petites Pierres 2007, more structured wines, with ripe fruits aromas and subtle bunch.

The evening finished in a warmly and festive atmosphere, hoping we will have the opportunity to share these good moments with you, at our next tasting evening !

Tasting evening in Bagnères de Bigorre


Saturday the 25th of April, we launched the deposit places of our wines, by starting our tasting evenings in Bagnères de Bigorre.

At the foot of the “Pic du Midi”, at Jean-Pierre and Brigitte Guillermin’s home, this first tasting evening passed in a very festive and good mood atmosphere.

After the presentation of the Château des Jean-Loron, we proposed all our wines for testing.

We started with our White Wine Chardonnay 2008, which seduced thanks to its very citrus flavours. Then, we tasted the Gamay Rosé 2008, appreciated for its fruity aromas.

After that, we continued with our Chénas wines by starting with our Chénas Les Gandelins 2007, a wine which charmed, thanks to its very fruity aromas. Then, we proposed our Chénas Les Petites Pierres and Domaine Desvignes, which ripe fruits aromas and their long kept in mouth are closer than a Burgundy pinot. By the way, we started with wines from the 2007 vintage, to finish with the vintage 2004, which shows the nice evolution of our wines.

We also tasted our great wine from old vines : Bouquet de Chénas 2006. Its long breeding in oak barrels gives a wooded, fruity and spicy bunch, with a long and silky kept in mouth.

Then, we ended the tasting evening in a festive way, by tasting our Bubbly Wine, which seduced thanks to its light bulles.

A real success that we hope to see at our next tasting evening, Saturday the 16th of May 2009, at Toulouse ! 


Guillaume's Installation 


Since January the 1st 2009, Guillaume BOUCHACOURT tooked over 13,5 vines hectares

Graduated in 2003 of a BTSA of viniculture and oenology from the LEGTA of Rouffach (68), Guillaume continued willingness of his father and make quality wines, which will seduce you thanks to their originality and typicality.

Guillaume also works on restructuring 0,56 hectares of the Domain, with two aims :
- Environmental : weediness and work on the ground
- Qualitative : Best disposition for grapes

Do not hesitate to come and visit us, we will show you all this development and make you taste our wines !

Grape Harvesting Time 2008

The 2008 year has been marked by many weather incidents (hail, water excess), which required a lot of know-how from the winegrower, to make beautiful wines.

The harvest passed in wonderful weather conditions : no water in September and lots of sunshine. We started the grape harvesting time Monday the 15th of September 2008, to finish next Tuesday, the 23rd of September 2008.

About thirty pickers, mostly students, picked in a good mood grapes of this new vintage.

We must have selected grapes, to only take maturity berries. (Basis of a good wine)

We could already say that the 2008 vintage will be very fruity, with small red fruits dominance, like raspberry and blackcurrant, which are typical Gamay aromas.

For the palate side, wines will be very fruity and round, thanks to the presence of already flexible tannins.

A vintage to discover very soon !

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