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Environment Respect

We use natural and ecological methods in our vineyard

At the Château des Jean-Loron, our viticulture is natural and respectful of the environment.

We are committed to three values :

Respect the Earth:

- We do not use chemical fertilizer and treat the vine only for disease. For example, for the mildiou disease, we use the traditionnal "bouillie bordelaise" a copper and lime mix.

- Furthermore, we are working to weed vineyard, to structure the soil and produce a natural fertilizer.

Respect the Vines:

- Our work is mostly done by hand : vines’ cut, grape harvesting time.
- We also make “vendanges en vert” that limits our production and emphasize quality over quantity.
- In the same way, we plough the ground, in order to ventilate it and give the vines' roots a better chance to penetrate in the ground. Thanks to that, the vine draws all the nutrients it needs, to produce quality grapes.

Respect the Vinification:

- Our wines are produced respecting traditional methods: nothing is added, only the soil to express itself. 
- Also, we only use naturally selected yeast.


All our wines are of high quality, produce in respect of ecological methods, to preserve environment and your health.         


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